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Thread: Can Tricaster be used on anything wider than 16:9 screens?

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    Can Tricaster be used on anything wider than 16:9 screens?

    Hi everyone

    We have just finished two events using ultra-wide LED screens. We have a TC1 but only ended up using it as a backup media server because we needed something that could handle 9600 x 1344 pixels on the first show (25m wide screen) or the 3456 x 1080 on the second show (8m wide screen). We had to use a very expensive Barco E2 instead.

    In theory the TC1 could have handled the smaller of the 2 screens but we can't set the resolution to anything other than the normal sizes.

    So my question is, is there any way that we can set the screen sizes to anything wider than 16:9?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts

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    I"m assuming you are talking about creating a session in a non-standard SMPTE video resolution? That isn't something the TriCaster can do right now, all sessions are in standard SMPTE video formats and aspect ratios. With NDI, TriCaster can receive non-standard SMPTE video formats, but it always outputs in a SMPTE video standard.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes. This is one of the shows we do. We can get the TC1 to fill most of the screen but there are obviously huge areas top and bottom that it is also sending signal to but are not being used. It seems like a relatively simple operation to send those same pixels in a different aspect ratio.

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    I suggest contacting our UK office while TriCaster doesn't support this out of the box there are ways of making this work with the help of our Professional Services team.
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    My facility has a 10 screen briefing room with controller (CineMassive). I've experimented with using two outputs from the TriCaster which can be spread across 4 screens each. Maybe that would work for the widescreen production.

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    If you are only using the screen for pre-rendered content like backgrounds, intros, video playback, etc, you might be able to create your video in something like FCPX or Premiere using the exact resolution of the ultrawide LED screens, distort it on export to fit into a 16:9 aspect ratio, then stretch it across the screen on playback - essentially treating it like anamorphic content. The human eye typically has more visual acuity vertically than horizontally, so it shouldn't be perceived much differently from a non-standard aspect full resolution video. This also doesn't require any specific outboard gear or need additional outputs.

    Just a thought.

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