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Thread: B5 Animation with Lightwave

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    B5 Animation with Lightwave

    Just having some fun with instancing etc, not meant to be 'ground breaking', and anyhoos I'm just an ameteur
    Rendered with LW 2015.3

    Thanks for viewing, and enjoy your LW2018 folks.

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    That was pretty nice, overall. I mean, sure, there are about a hundred things that could have been added and fine-tuned, but the bones are there and that can be the hardest thing to nail sometimes.

    If you take another run at it at some point in the future, I would consider thinking about some of the items below.

    1. Consider doing a depth buffer export so that you can composite some good DOF blur with it.

    2. Add a starfield in the background. Space looks pretty empty without stars.

    3. On the first impact, consider building a more complex piece to break apart. For example, build your impact piece using separate hull plates, support girders, etc., so that the impact produces more debris. It will also make it more dramatic.

    4. Add some lens flare love to your lasers and torpedos when they fire. Love or hate lens flares, they really do add some great lighting for these types of effects.

    That's all. Like I said, there are many things that could be done, but I thought it was good work.

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