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Thread: Lightwave 2018 - Where is the Additive Transparency feature

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    There's nothing wrong with an app that has a mix of PBR and other approaches.

    If features are being removed simply due to a 'purist' ideology in favor of PBR, then as jwiede mentioned, LW could end up being a lesser program because of it. In the past, LightWave made great strides by listening to the user-base (and even taking requests for features and improvements from established studios -- many of which were implemented).

    And for those who feel that a feature isn't worth keeping because they "never used it" in the past should keep in mind that someday you might need it. If you do actual paid studio work then you'll be glad it's there when a shot or client demands it.
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    I bet "Additive Transparency" could be implemented by the change in SIGN of some parameter deep in the guts.

    But, anyway, a "no-training-wheels" version would be FUN.
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    Can't keep what was never implemented. All of the shaders and materials have been built from the ground up, so it would need to be added to the featureset. I recall using it in the past and it was useful, but i am not sure if it's compatible with the current engine or not.

    The PBR materials should obviously be fixed function, otherwise they would not be PBR. PBSDF is designed implicitly to create only physically plausible materials, with a certain amount of artistic wiggle (mostly because of the limitations of the shaders). Access to all of the shader components again, like in the previous versions would of course be useful especially for NPR effects, so hopefully that's opened up in future versions, there's a bunch of stuff I would love access to, to build more advanced custom materials.

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    I was needing that AT feature while following this phaser tutorial Lightwave Laser - Phaser - Part 1 of 2 by Lee Andrew. I had to go back to 2015 to make it work right with the transparency. Would love to know what buttons to hook up in 2020, though.


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