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Thread: Tricaster 460 SD Composite output issues

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    Tricaster 460 SD Composite output issues

    I am having problems with my tricaster 460 SD composite output. During a game we run an HDMI out, an SDI out and a SD composite out to send feeds to different video boards and feeds through out our venue. I am having problems with the composite SD output, it is "freezing" or "flickering" ever now and then. To temporary fix this issue I basically "jump start" the output by changing from 720p 16:9 to 720p 4:3 then back to 16:9 (it doesn't matter what i change to i just have to send a different signal and then go back to the signal I need) This corrects the issue for awhile, sometimes it does it again, sometimes we make it through the production without fail.

    The SD out goes into a DA that sends a signal to a video board and two DVD burners where I make copies of the production. The issue is happening on both the DVD's and the video board. I am not having a problem with my HDMI out, SDI out or the recording.

    I have replaced the DA and cable that split the signal to the VB and the DVD burners. I have also done a factory restore and update on the TriCaster and the issue went away for a few games but has returned.

    We have used the same set up in years past with no issues, however this year we have added a new HD video board that receives the SDI signal. Is this a "processing" issue? Not enough memory to handle so many outputs?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Please open a support case at
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