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Thread: First NDI, 4K, 30 fps, PTZ camera to market?

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    First NDI, 4K, 30 fps, PTZ camera to market?

    What resolutions/frame rates does the NDI|HX support on the Panasonic cameras?

    I noticed that the Panasonic announced "Full HD Video Output Via IP Transmission" for the AW-UE70, (PDF file - top of page 4).
    Resolution: H.264 (IP 4K selected), 4K (3840x2160) on CH1, (with no output possible on CH2, 3 or 4)
    Frame Rate: (IP 4K selected), (59.97 hz) 30/15/5 fps on CH1 only

    Is "4K 30p" also supported through the NDI upgrade?
    Does this upgrade make these pro-sumer cameras, (under $7000 USD c/w upgrade), the first to the market with 4K, 30 fps NDI support?

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    As I understand NDI support on the UE70 works up thru 1080p60 video formats.
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    I can confirm
    That it’s 1080/720 only in NDI|HX. I’ve upgraded my fleet of ue70s.


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