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Thread: No NDI over Wifi, what am I doing wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomski View Post
    The Ubiquiti AP Pro that we use is solid and a normal wifi access point (I only added the Nanos as an option) got to be worth getting your hands on a really decent wifi AP first to make sure it's not that.

    What I did now was update the firmware of the modem I use. This is a 4G modem, because most of the time I also need my own internet access.

    This works great. And distances are short (10 meters, maybe 15...). So I got it to work agian. now I will do some more tests.

    For testing it should not matter what modem - wifi system I use. But your advice is noted: I will consider getting a decent powerfull access point that wil at least connect to my system.

    Thanks, Will keep this updated..

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    Yeh check your Router/switch. I found a Obscure setting in mine, that was the culprit. Wifi Does work, been useing it since it was released on Android. Now they pulled the App off of Android "so they can charge us again"

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