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Thread: lwo3 importer -> open source

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    This document describes the LWO3 file format for 3D objects used by LightWave«. The LWO3 format is new for LightWave« 2018.
    Considering that memory addresses aren't saved into files in general, I'd be hard-pressed to think of a reason for a file format to require a 64-bit host process. Of course a file format can be of such nature that it can support holding so much data, that a 32-bit process wouldn't be able to load it. But as long as we're talking about lwo files that aren't so large that it runs into the mem barrier of 32-bit processes, there should be no technical hindrance (of course aside from surfacing not being identical to 2018).

    The doc also summarizes the changes as follows

    The main difference is that LWO3 is fully 32bit with proper nested forms, instead of the 16bit subchunks in LWO2. The new shading system in LightWave« 2018 has also significantly changed the data in surface blocks
    so basically they just removed 16-bit limitations of certain chunks, and updated the surface info to reflect the changes in 2018 surfacing.
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