Good Day,

Hope someone can help me out, also sorry if this has already been answered I tried searching with no results.

So I am very green at this, but we have a Tricaster 8000, and our team has 2 sessions for different shows, and we use livesets,

So our issue is we have 2 zooms in one show and 1 in the other, and we set them up in the Liveset Shot, 1 and 2 and it will work for the show, but
when we exit out and come back it does not retain the shot. Same for the other show. So they thought they could make it a macro that would set it up.

So we set up all up recorded it, but when we run the macro it just does the zoom but Liveset Shot 1 and 2 buttons have no information saved for the zoom.

Am I fighting a battle that can not be won, or am I just missing a step?

Thanks for your help.