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Thread: Recording with External USB3 HDD on VMC1, TC1 and VMC1 In

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    Lightbulb Recording with External USB3 HDD on VMC1, TC1 and VMC1 In

    Hello everyone !
    I'd need your help to choose the best External USB3 Drive (HDD or SSD) that I can use to record different sources on my VMC1, TC1 and VMC1 In.
    I know that the specifications (according to 3D Strom, the Newtek EMEA distributor) are the following :

    - 1 Tb or more
    - 7200 RPM
    - 32 Mb cache or more
    - ENTERPRISE type

    The problem is that I can't find anywhere those specification when it comes to external drives (for internal dirves they are always given so it's OK). Those informations are never specified . That's why I was wondering if you could share some references that you use during production.

    Thanks for your answers !

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    Models from LaCie, Glyph, and G-Tech will meet these needs, being designed with media professionals in mind.

    Lacie - 2big Quadra USB 3.0 (two-drive RAID 0 model, which means faster for video recording needs).

    LaCie - d2 Thunderbolt 2 (single drive, with USB 3.0 , specs are 7200 RPM/64 MB cache)

    Glyph - Studio (single 7200rpm/64mb cache)

    Glyph - Black Box Pro (single, ruggedized with rubber bumper sleeve for field work)

    Glyph - Studio RAID - (2-drive RAID 0 unit)

    G-Technology - G-Drive USB (single USB 3.0)

    G-Technology - G-RAID (two-drive RAID 0)

    All of the above models are available in various sizes. Any that are RAID 0 are going to be almost twice as fast as a single drive, since TWO drives are recording together as one big, fast volume. Of course the housings are larger and I don't know if portability is important for your needs.

    For portable-sized RAID 0 drives, check out LaCie Rugged RAID Thunderbolt & USB 3.0 4TB (ruggedized) or Glyph StudioRAID mini (many sizes up to 8TB, non-ruggedized)

    I hope this is helpful. I believe any of the drives above will be quite suitable for TriCaster external recording via USB 3.0.

    Jeff Pulera
    Streaming Broadcast Solutions - Newtek Elite

    TriCasters: Mini with AE, TC1
    Camera: Sony PMW-X70 4K
    Controllers: All variety of XKeys
    PTZ: Newtek NDIHX-PTZ1

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    Thanks for this quick answer, I'll take a look into it deeper tomorrow.
    I don't think I need RAID 0 Drives in the productions I work for as the Tricaster record are almost all the time spare back-ups. Cocnernaning portability, the smaller the better but when you have to carry a VMC1 with its giant panel a big hard drive is not really a problem

    Thanks again, I'll update my post to let you know which drives I choose and if they fit right.

    Have a great night
    Lola Thomas
    Certified Tricaster Proline & 3Play 4800 Operator
    TriCasters : Mini, Mini SDI, 860, 8000, TC1 (with AE)
    IP Series : VMC1, VMC1 In
    3Play : 3Play 4800
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    I am using this on my TC1:

    On my laptops I can write to the drive around 350MB/sec which is fantastic. On the Tricaster TC1 in a USB3 port it writes around 160MB when copying from the Media Drives. I do not know if that is a read limitation from the host drive or not since I can double that on my laptop. Either way its roughly the size of a credit card and is faster than the drives most people ask me to offload onto.

    I have not tried to directly record to it yet but there should be no issue with those speeds

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