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Thread: Nodal Setups Tutorial Series - Youtube playlist

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    Nodal Setups Tutorial Series - Youtube playlist

    I'm relieved to see 2018 released since I was wondering the worse up to the announcement. May the new features be used to produce great outputs, may the structural changes promote a more enticing experience for the devs, 3rd parties and users. May both NT and the community be able to remedy communication, both on tone, presence and platforms for it ( I really miss the problem solving, speed modeling, C&C gallery aspects of the forum from other times).

    Onto the topic.Onto the topic. I've released my nodal setups tutorial series as a playlist on youtube. While the topics and my approach might be tedious for the general consumption, these can be looked at as reference material for consultation when you want to apply yourself to a topic or explore Node Editor capabilities. It's an mix of exploring math and programming/logic concepts applied to 3D manipulation in general and LW in particular.
    Scenes and compounds are not included and some 3rdparty node libraries are not available on 2018, although some of the new nodes, like the Deform ones might replace them.

    Let me know what you think. If you want to jump on nodeFlow discord server to discuss/inquire about these and other node topics, feel free:

    Have the best 2018. Cheers
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    Darn edit limit, got two "Onto the topic." there... erg :P

    I'm considering doing a wiki in the future with algorithms.

    It would be really nice though if LW nodes could:

    - Have compounds with proper UI.
    - Compounds could be blackboxed.
    - There would be an expression node that one could just paste a code snippet and be done.


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    Amazing stuff! bingewatched it all

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    Thanks Probiner!

    I hope Lw development can look at this and include new nodes

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    Chuck Baker, listen to Pedro.

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    Let me know what you think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by probiner View Post
    Let me know what you think.
    Personally I think paying a buck or few per month for quality content / tutes / podcasts etc is a much better way to support quality producers like yourself Pedro so you have my thumbs up. Patreon seems ok tho I must admit I haven't been exposed to others. I support a couple of people / places via it and it's a good experience so far. Don't know how much more I can add, except that you do great work and I'll throw my coffee at you every month via Patreon or some other way if you ask.

    Good luck with it , and thanks for the heads up on all your latest additions. Seems I'm missing some stuff from orbolt and need to catch up on some of your latest vids.
    Been a bit busy

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    perhaps paid tutorials,

    Gumroad / Liberty3D / Simplylightwave, Pluralsight

    if i can download it, cool enough, any service should do.
    subscription > not a fan
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    maybe wait with uploads until new LW gets more Motion Graphics nodes.
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