Hello all.

So, I just wanted to bring to your attention my new training series for LightWave... Lighting, Shading and Rendering in 2018!

The first chapter, Foundations (plus a couple lil extras) is available for viewing now on my YouTube channel... A little over 3.5 hours of all new content to fill you in on the basic fundamentals of the new LightWave way.


Great I hear you cry, so where's the rest of it? It's coming, much is done, much is yet to be done (yes, it's another deep and complete training series from me), and it will be along towards the end of the month/start of next.

I am, in the meantime, having an early bird special exclusively for existing RH customers, where early access to the series thus far (which includes some of the more important areas of the new renderer and the tricks and techniques for getting the best out of it), which comes with an EB discount for those customers. If you are such a folk, you should have had the email giving you the details, if you haven't so received and want to know, let me know.

Also, you may have noticed that with it's new system LightWave has gone more over to the nodal side of things now, so in addition to this enw series, I've also made a permanent price reduction to my nodal training series...


Now only £20, and a bargain. I know many of you have had this series and gained much from it, but for those who haven't and now are seeing the need to get up to speed on such things, then it's even easier (and cheaper) than ever now.

So there we go, I do hope if nothing else you like the foundations section fo this new training and that it gives you something of a helpful leg up in getting to grips with the new renderer, it's principles and workings. Trust me, one you get a handle on using it, you are going to love it.

Cheers all.