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Thread: OD 2018 Tool Set Released - And Now OD 2019!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliverhotz View Post
    its still going through sending out the mails... give it another 30 mins or so...
    Ah, okay, will keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

    (edit) Received it, thanks!
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    So, most likey, a dumb question because I haven't updated to the newest LW 2019 version. (still poking around .01 or something) BUT.. to Oliver.. I made a few Surface Group Buffers in my scene. I made sure they work. Saved my scene. Reloaded, and they do not save with my scene at all. They aren't even in the VPR list. Do you know of such a know bug? Thanks! Brett.

    Oh, PS.. I made an Ambient Occlusion AOV... and an object ID one.. and those both seem to save with the scene. Any ideas?

    EDIT: scratch it all.. dumb user error. Time for more coffee. Anyway, Oliver.. Thanks again for such a great plugin set. What a time saver.

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    hehe.. yeah.. surfaces get saved with the object, not the scene .. glad you figured it out...

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