So I have this great idea for a LW 2018 promo sale for is the pitch.

“To thank all of our loyal customers that have stuck with us through the years, and to start the next chapter of LW on a positive note, we will be having a one day only upgrade sale.
On Jan 1st 2018 will will upgrade any version of LW to LW 2018 for the one time price of $201.80 usd”

This I believe will prompt many to upgrade to LW 2018 right away as there is really no incentive to do it right away and I think many would wait until March and see what others think about LW 2018 before they buy.

This also would get LW 2018 into the hands of some early adopters and allow Newtek to build some ‘ buzz’
regarding the LW 2018 release.

Anyways just an idea, but I think it has potential for some positive feedback at a minimal cost.

Just my 2 cents.