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Thread: Live Text NDI Issue

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    Live Text NDI Issue


    I have been having an issue with Livetext and the newtek support had no suggestions to help so I thought I would see if anybody else might have a solution.

    In our basketball/volleyball arena we have daktronics scoreboards and are bringing data into Livetext using data link on a laptop that has livetext on it. The main time runs fine on that laptop but somewhere between the laptop and our tricaster an issue occurs. When the time is under a minute the time jumps (it goes from 6.9 to 5.4 for example instead of showing 6.9,6.8,6.7,ect). Both the tricaster 460 AE2 and Livetext 3 are up to date and have enough bandwidth. The issue (jumping or frames dropping maybe) doesn't seem to occur when sending a desktop from another computer to another tricaster input using NDI. Newtek said they have never seen this before and had no suggestions besides their typical troubleshooting attempts which I had already tried. Thanks in advance for any help in solving this issue.


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    You might want to tape into one of your neighbors, Jeff Pulera, up there in Kenosha.

    Fritz Golman
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    P.S. We're having the next Chicago/Midwest TriCaster users group meeting and holiday party on Monday 12/18. Would love to have you come down:

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    I had something similar, but different happen to me. This won't help you, but when I was running DataLink directly on the TriCaster with Advanced Edition I had the exact same problem. When I had the graphic in a title bin everything was fine until you hit the "under a minute" threshold. Then it did the same thing you experienced. NewTek had me switch it to a buffer instead of a graphics bin and that got the performance back up. I doubt they are related at all, but it is a similar looking problem.

    I'll try and duplicate your problem the next time I've got an AllSport in front of me. I the mean time, if you haven't already you should file a bug report on it.

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    Have you tried using a different laptop with LiveText?
    Just trying to figure out if it's a network issue or a laptop issue.

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