I've been a lightwave user for more than 20 years and I've built my professional career mostly thanks to the use of this software.
In these last years, when the brightness of lightwave started to fade, I've kept on supporting it and defende my choice despite what other people or competitors
around me thought.
It was hard to find collaborators that were able to use it, who were willing to learn it etc., but Lightwave always proved to be productive and, like many of us, I've delivered very important projects thanks to it.
I've always thought it was the best choice for my kind of work.

But now things are different.

I do think this last release will be a great boost of productivity for people like me who have a long production experience with Lw (as well as render farm, plugins etc), nevertheless I WILL NOT UPGRADE MY LICENCES UNTIL I GET A CLEAR ROADMAP STATEMENT FROM LIGHTWAVE GROUP. After such a long time of silence we DESERVE IT.

I've talked with many users and I'm sure that many of them share my opinion. After one and an half year of silence that showed no respect for us, being a loyal user I felt so disappointed that I've started looking for and purchaising alternative softwares.
We 've made our living thanks to lightwave and changing software is not an easy choice, but respect towards users should be a top priority for any company, expecially in this case, since the Lightwave community is a special one.

I really hope that many users will follow my choice and force Lightwave group to reveal the guidelines of their future developement plans as well as a predictable timing before upgrading.
Other companies do it, why do we always have to wait for a new release feeling anxious and with the fear that promises won't be kept?
If Newtek or lightwave group want to have a future, and keep at least their user base, they owe this to us.