At first I thought the announcement and website was a rushed response to Rob's FB posts, then I immediately realized it takes time to put that together and the website was not a rushed job. It dawned on me that this was 'the' release promotion site that Newtek (yes, Newtek, let's not pretend LW3DG still exists in any real sense) had put together. Anyone else feeling underwhelmed by the thrown together feel of the site, such as the spare details provided or the dull images used? This is not a place holder, this is it, that's pretty much going to be the landing page for the product from now on.

I mean, great that you have a release date and the product is as touted, but there's been no thought put into the optics of this release, which should've been a big deal, with wonderful example images and demo videos, and some sort of new branding. But hey, here it is, have at it.

And I realize that part of the reason for the extended delay and silence was because of Rob and where he wanted to go (shhhh) with LW, but with him gone there's nobody laying out a narrative, there's no idea being espoused, just a bunch of tech improvements for the user base.

Perhaps I'm wrong, and come January 1st, a new marketing push will be implemented. But the things is, this is the release, now is the time, and examples and demos should be happening now. We can't have non-narrated videos of Lino diddling about with classical music playing in the background, we need to see the new Lightwave in action, now that it has been announced and the purchase date is fixed. Where are the live streams? Are you going to roll out the interview and work of the extraordinary artist who has been playing about with LW2018 for the last six months, or are these thrown together bits and bobs, Hulk models and like, going to be the sum total of all that time in the dark?

I'm not disappointed with the release date or the product, that is all as expected, good job. But the marketing hype, the glitter, the compelling story are not to be seen, there is nothing to interest anyone who has no knowledge of LightWave. I do hope to be proved completely wrong. Enough said.