Hi all,

As part of my quest to make everything I do with the TriCaster and 3Play as easy as pressing one button, I've been playing around with trying to make a couple of Macros for the 3Play 4800. Unfortunately, it's not doing what I was hoping. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Here's what I'm trying to do with one button after I've pressed Mark Out:

Select the most recent clip in the clip list
Select Angle 3 (just an example)
Send that angle to the playlist
Select that clip in the playlist
local-jog back 4 seconds and update the mark-in point
local-jog 4 seconds past the outpoint and update the mark-out

The other option that would work is to copy and paste the clip and have it do the local jog/in/out updates in the cliplist before sending it to the playlist and then having it delete that second clip in the cliplist at the very end of the macro.

Thanks for your help,