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Thread: TC1 Live Planel DDR Player wrong countdown

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    TC1 Live Planel DDR Player wrong countdown


    we just installed Live Panel last week and we found a issue with the countdown of the ddr player.
    We found around 1 min difference any idea how to fix it??

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    No, but if this occurs consistently, please submit a detailed bug report.

    [EDIT: I see your case, #91620, but it really doesn't supply any more detail than you wrote here. Please supply information such as what TriCaster model are you running, and what software build? What file types are in the DDR when you see the problem? How long are they? When do you see the problem occur? Assuming it's during playback, is the timecode display always wrong, or does if gradually drift over time? Where are you viewing LivePanel? What device, what browser, what version? Have you tried this in a new session?

    Any details you can provide will be helpful. You can add to your case by replying to the bug report notification email that was sent to you.]
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