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Thread: Is AE worth it in this setup?

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    Is AE worth it in this setup?

    Hello everyone,

    I have been a Tricaster Mini user for several years and recently updated to AE and added an NDI camera. I am still learning the differences between vanilla TC Mini and AE, but it sure is simple to add an NDI camera!

    I am consulting with a church on installing a Tricaster for recording/streaming and a couple of PTZ cameras. One thing I'd like some advice on is if it is worth going with AE version of the Mini or not. I understand from this thread ( that without AE, the Mini will need to use the Net inputs for the cameras if I want them to connect over NDI. Can someone explain that a little more in detail - will there be any loss in functionality specifically regarding the PTZ cameras if they are connecting via Net inputs instead of actual NDI? I realize that there are more inputs with AE, but how does other functionality compare? I can't really test it myself as I have already updated my Mini to AE and I didn't use a PTZ until after I did the update.

    Also, I am looking at perhaps the PTZoptics NDI cameras. Any one have opinions on those cameras?

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    I cant speak to controlling the PTZ cameras AE vs Standard, but I can say it is probably worth the upgrade anyway. If someone is looking to purchase a MINI at this very moment they might want to look at the final daya of the MINI bundle they currently have a promotion for. It comes with AE already installed.

    Bundles Includes
    TriCaster Mini (HDMI or SDI) with Integrated Display
    Two Internal Drives
    TriCaster Mini Control Surface
    NewTek custom travel case
    NewTek Mouse and Keyboard
    and TriCaster Advanced Edition software

    I have a MINI but could not think about using it without all the features of AE. In a church setting having those extra NDI connection helps out when you are using computer programs that are often time associated in a broadcast. Much easier than having to convert things.


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