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Thread: Stroke Around White Text?

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    Stroke Around White Text?

    We are starting to conceptualize new and better ways to bring in better looking lower thirds into our daily webcam news show. We have created a lower third animation in which a white bar and black bar wipe across the bottom, and when they wipe off we want the text to be seen. The idea is that we "take" the text created in LiveText at the moment when only the white and black bars are visible so that when they wipe off it looks as tho the text animated onto the screen. This works for the black text, however, the white text appears to have a stroke around the edges of it (see picture attached). All of the fields in LiveText that may have caused that were brought down to zero (i.e. Edges, Drop Shadow, etc.). Can anybody think of a way that might be fixed?

    Also I heard that NewTek makes an After Effects Plugin but I can't seem to find any info about it. I'd rather not spend any additional money on this if I don't have to, but can anybody point me in the direction of some reading material and/or tutorials about this?
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    NDI Tools includes the free Adobe plug-in that allows you to get real-time NDI output from After Effects or Premiere.
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    Looks like it might just be some anti-aliasing or key shaping issues. I'm not sure if there is an awesome way to work around that in LiveText. Maybe try a slight white outline around it and see if that helps kill it?

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    I agree with Kris that this looks like aliasing artifacts - something that would be more noticeable in an italic font. I would try again with a non-italic version of the font to see if it becomes less noticeable.

    Would it make sense to change the z-order - placing the text UNDER the bar that you are pulling away? That would hide the aliasing but preserve the edge smoothness when the bar is removed.

    Just a thought...

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    Highly recommend the whole Adobe-NDI route.

    You don't have to use After Effects, you can keep it simple with Photoshop and Premiere. The are all tightly integrated.

    Keep in mind, these are for the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) versions, not earlier Creative Suite (CS) series.

    Here's a link to a thread on this:

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