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Thread: Talkshow based on webrtc.

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    Talkshow based on webrtc.

    I realise newtek aren't always forward in talking openly abt forthcoming design decisions with their gear, but...
    Is there any intention or any discussion hinting to release a vers. of talkshow that runs via webrtc rather then being based on the Skype platform?

    Webrtc can be used without the need to install any software or app on a device and uses nothing more than a web browser.


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    There is Skype in a browser, which uses WebRTC.
    Kane Peterson
    Solutions Architect
    NewTek, Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanep View Post
    There is Skype in a browser, which uses WebRTC.
    Thanks for the reply on this Kane.
    and sry for late reply, i didn't see it until just now :-)


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    WebRTC is a disaster across different browsers.
    Zane Condren
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