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Thread: DDR1 and DDR 2 Stutter on 460

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    Exclamation DDR1 and DDR 2 Stutter on 460

    Hi All!

    We are dealing with a stuttering issue on a 460 standard edition on our DDR playbacks. By chance we noticed that if we close iVGA on the PowerPoint laptop the stutter on the playback stops and the clips plays smoothly. We have a Linksys gigabit switch between the 460 and an HP laptop and nothing else. Anyone heard of something like this?

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    Using latest software on 460? What format are DDR clips - did you use Importer which would convert them to compatible if need be?

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    Also, are you still using iVGA? Latest version of Standard Edition supports NDI, might be worth using NDI Scan Converter to see if it helps.
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