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Thread: Sunrise ys plugins

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    Sunrise ys plugins

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    Quote Originally Posted by gar26lw View Post
    They do what they set out to. My English videos are published on their website so take a look at those.

    Whether the plugins are useful in production for you depends on your approach to animating/modeling. The main thing I don't like is that most of the layout tools are fairly difficult to use in multi-character scenarios (every item for every character must have a unique name, the tools have no hierarchy awareness when it comes to clones of objects and similar things). Also, I didn't make a video on the skelegon tools because I could not get them to generate a skeleton in layout.

    I would recommend chankey setter, it is a replacement for the create key dialogue with options that you'll likely find useful. The others you'll need to judge for yourself based on your production needs.
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    Oh! The missing Layout plugins were finally released!
    I had almost given up hope on those two. Also, Duolingo finally released an English to Japanese course.


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