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Thread: Alternative to the Newtek Codec

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    Cool Alternative to the Newtek Codec

    I stopped using the Newtek AVI codec a while ago and now use the free Cineform codec that gets installed when you install GoPro's edit Software (Quik) --I feel that I get better looking results with this codec vs the Newtek one. The codec is now open source. Once you install the software this codec should appear in your render options in SpeedEdit. Just make sure to lower the quality option from "FILM" to one of the lower settings or you will end up with a huge AVI.

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    I haven’t used Newtek video products in a while....but I did have a few toasters, tricasters and speed edits in my time....and I have to say the newtek codec is garbage.
    Had to drop it in production on a live shoot as certain over saturated and intense blues would read as noise on playback. All other codecs were fine....just not newteks

    I was editing real time 4K on PPro using cineform 10 years ago.
    Paid over $4000 for the codec alone back then.....awesome codec.
    Fast high Rez playback, superior color fidelity....

    It’s a steal that it’s now open source.

    Starting to show it’s age, just a little bit. But still one of the only codecs in existence that can do real-time 4K without hardware assistance on a lowly laptop.

    There are 5 quality levels....
    4-5 are only for preserving film grain. Most people should just be using level 1-3.
    Level 1 alone would supersede any newtek codec


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