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Thread: Spark will not auto connect to WiFi

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    Angry No wireless connectivity for me...

    I just received my Spark (HDMI version) and are also experiencing this same issue. Upon opening the product, I connected it via ethernet to my network, performed the firmware upgrade (335 to 404) exactly as outlined in the documentation, then got locked out of the unit. No matter what I did (clearing cache, different browsers, different computers, resets, etc.) corrected the issue. I could see the login page, but the unit was behaving like my login credentials were incorrect. However, after resetting the unit several times, I was finally able to gain access to the admin page. Now that I got past all that, I am having issues getting it to connect to my WiFi network. When I configure the Wifi portion of the device, it appears that it's connected to my network, but a refresh will show that it is not. Furthermore, the "WiFi" LED on the front panel is NOT illuminated.
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    I found that when you connect over ethernet, the Spark gets an IP address. When you then disconnect the ethernet to go wireless, that IP is lost and the Spark gets another IP address. So the Monitor application looses the connection to it. If you are able to find what the new IP is (our IT guy was able to find it), you can then go to that IP with the Monitor app and see the camera. I'm still having problems getting my Trickster to see the Spark, but I thought I'd pass this little tidbit on in case it helps.


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