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Thread: new to nevron, missing target joints names

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    new to nevron, missing target joints names

    Hello there!
    I'm trying to get my hands into NevronMotion, so first tests and firsts problems.
    I'm trying to establish a workflow between mixamo and Lightwave (2015). I exported a character, autorigged It in Mixamo and applied a mocap to It. The mocap has been exported as a FBX file.
    then created a lightwave rig (joints_ that matches the structure and naming convention of the Mixamo mocap.
    When I load the mocap from scene, little work should be necessary to retarget It to my character lwrig.
    When I open Nevron Motion, I notice that the head end joint isn't listed in the NevronMotion joints list.
    I don't know why and how to add that joint, as It exists in both my LW rig AND the fbx mocap from mixamo.
    When I try to retarget the mocap, Nevron motion says that the scene is NOT ready for retargeting. (is It because of the missing Head End joint?
    Aside from Nevron Motion, the FBX character exported from lightwave to mixamo is way too small and changing the scene scale when exporting from the modeler doesn't change a thing. OBJ export does work.

    Thank you

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    Oh, and I get an error when starting Lightwave ( It started right after installing Nevron Motion). My computer os is WIN 7 64 bits and the message says that "The procedure entry point CreateFile2 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."

    Any idea?

    Thank you


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