Hi, just testing right now Spark HDMI and SDI, with a TC-1 . All connected to the LAN behind a small Wifi router, DHCP enabled.

- Spark SDI : this one is using firmware 3.x (can't remember exactly) . When trying to update firmware I'm told that the file is not the good one for that device. However it did accept the HDMI file !!! I don't have any video input in the web browser, either before or after the problematic firmware upgrade. Will check that with support.

- Spark HDMI : I can see it in my NDI sources list in TC-1 , when I select it and click "configure", browser open to a Newtek.com webpage.

Is there any network bridge between the wiifi and wired interfaces ? The idea is to use the wired connection to send control data from the TC-1 to a PTZ camera, i.e. Panasonic HE40, over a Spark link.