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Thread: HDRI's from HDRI Haven are now all entirely free

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    HDRI's from HDRI Haven are now all entirely free

    Greg Zaal, who runs HDRI Haven from Blender community has gone rogue and decide to release all his HDRI content for free from now on, you might consider supporting him on patreon but it's not required, no sign in or acknowledgments required. They're some of the best quality out there in various resolutions 1k to 16 K unclipped.

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    You will appreciate the site is receiving a lot of traffic ATM so downloading might be difficult for some of you, and as of now, the 16 K formats aren't available until his Patreon reaches his minimum target, but will be when that happens. I'm happy with 8K myself.

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    Wow, thanks for the heads-up! Great stuff.

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    Thank you very much. I've been looking all over.
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