Feature REQuest:

Poorly chosen defaults can really make working w/a program a huge PITA-- just look at Blender*.

One of the nicer features of C4D is that many tools (possibly all of them) allow the user to SET AS DEFAULT all the current settings. For instance, you can decide if the selection tools default to "Only Select Visible Elements" or not. Since the tools have so many switches and parameters, this is quite useful. This extends to things like primitive subdivision levels, so if you habitually use a 3x3x3 cube for starters, or 2x3x8, you can make that the default behavior for your installation.

It's as easy as selecting "Edit/Set as Default" in the Attributes panel menu.

In LW, there are several aggravating coder defaults ( "Keep One Point Polys?" ) that would be nice to configure to more useful settings.

*many of the things that irritate new Blender users can be altered to something more standard, including the infamous LMB behavior, but people bail before they find that out.