I'm attempting to include team background colors in our scoreboard graphics and I don't want to have to create them in Photoshop each game. So I've batch created the same size file of every school in our District's colors. I've placed them on the TriCaster in the same DataLink Watch Folder as the session text file.

However, Datalink only recognizes ONE of the keys and associates it with the correct background. I'm able to change that key to whatever background color I want but the second team doesn't show up at all. I know my coding is correct in the text file because it works for the first one.

I've tested this in several different sessions with several different graphic types and have the same issue. I'm using the most recent version of AE.

The layer order in the external LiveText doesn't seem to matter either when I export it to the TC.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.