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Thread: SE2 Render Crashes

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    SE2 Render Crashes

    Having huge troubles rendering projects. Pretty simple two, three or more layers and the render crashes. Doesn't matter if I am rendering WMV to MP4 to AVI uncompressed. I have SE2 2.6 on Windows 8.1, 64 bit, Nvidia GTX 770M (32GB). Render will crash in different spots - have tried just about every scenario to work around. Does anyone have ideas that have worked for them?

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    I would try to do a simple project using only a couple of avi files and see if it crashes. Mine doesnt crash but every uncompressed avi I ever try to render is completely unplayable. I gave up and moved on. It is an unsupported program and as far as I know Windows 8 was never supported at all. Good luck getting any answers.

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    Hey Tony,
    Thanks for the quick reply. Simple AVIs render fine - just did another "talking head" video that went without problems. When I start adding layers: CG text, graphics (jpeg, png, psd), etc they tend to snag. Wondering if switching to Windows 10 would do any good?? Also, I question whether to open the program using "integrated graphics card" or the Nvidia super card?

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    I'm getting all of my SE Uncompressed avi render problems in Windows 10 so I don't think that will help. My guess is that you could render to avi type 2, correct? I think there is a bug in the uncompressed option. If so, it will never be fixed.

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    That's a bummer about Windows 10. I will hold off on that and hope someone else has suggestions. AVI type 2 has the same issues for me, really doesn't matter which render option I choose; when it hits a multi-layered, complex area of project, it throws up.

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    That sucks. What I would do at this point is select each clip and render them as an rtv and replace it on the timeline with the current one. Once you have all rtvs on the timeline, try the uncompressed avi render again. Let me know.

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    Download the free GoPro software and that will install the GoPro Cineform AVI codec--Use that codec and see if that helps

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    No luck on either of these suggestions, although rendering a series of clips as rtv has helped (just a huge pain).
    Wondering if anyone has the "best" settings to use on the three choies withing: Preferences > File Rendering. Or if there are any other settings I should be changing to help with rendering within Preferences. Thanks!


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