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Thread: Skin material for leaves

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    Skin material for leaves


    I am trying a new approach for creating physically correct material for leaves with Skin material, but I have some questions.

    1. Is Skin material energy conserving? Like Delta material where you plug in specularity input and diffuse value is automatically calculated.
    2. Perpendicular and parallel Fresnel inputs are a bit strange to me. If I put 75% specular value, set perpendicular to 5%, parallel to 100% and refraction index to 2,5 than reflections behave like the do not have any fresnel. So I have to input to specularity a constant value, multiplied with Fresnel and set perpendicular and parallel Fresnel to 100% and leave refraction index to 1,0?
    3. Skin diffuse weight - I would think this is the most important value for getting translucent effect. Even in documentation it states: ''100%, and all
    you see is SSS; 0 % and all you see is diffuse.'' Again, should this value be a constant or a constant multiplied with Fresnel (or even Inverse Fresnel)?
    4. Scattering weight - in documentation it says:'' Multiplies the Scattering'' - this I would presume that this input enhances the effect, but if I set it to 200% every thing just gets darker.
    5. Scattering distance - I leave this to 2 mm, should be close to a real leaf value
    6. Scattering cutoff - I cannot figure out what does this value do....

    My goal is to have a material that would behave like Vray two sided material. A standard dielectric material with translucent component (with all Fresnel that it requires)

    PS: Something that has always troubled me regarding with translucency. Is translucency a constant (scalar) value or multiplied with Fresnel or multiplied with Inverse Fresnel?

    Thank you!

    PSS: If LWNext ever gets relased, I really hope that this kind of technical questions will a a thing of a past

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    If you're using flat polys for your leaves, forget skin or other SSS shaders, they need geometric thickness, and just use translucency instead.
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    Thank you for some clarification...

    I do have this question that bothers me over and over again: Should translucency be a constant (scalar) value or is it multiplied with Fresnel or multiplied with Inverse Fresnel? Is translucency in any way affected by Fresnel?

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    follow MSherak's link >

    instructions in that thread, and node download too.
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