So far so good on my HDMI Spark - it's already making my workflow a little bit easier.

I did have a question regarding compression. I realize this is not a game capture device but I figured I'd attempt to capture some game footage as a means of assessing fast motion video that goes beyond a talking head, etc. So I ran some footage from one of my Windows PCs via HDMI to the Spark and on to my Tricaster all via Ethernet. I uploaded some sample footage to my Google Drive here:

Note that this is straight from my Tricaster using its native codec. Input resolution was 1080p 60 and the Tricaster was recording at 1080p 30. You'll need to download the file vs. watching in-line to see what I'm getting.

You'll see there's a good deal of compression artifacts/muddiness even at the high setting. I see the same output with a 60p file on the SD card when I set it to record.

Are there any settings I'm missing or is this a result of the compression it's using?