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Thread: New TalkShow update

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    New TalkShow update

    A new TalkShow update was posted a few days ago.

    Also, Microsoft has released a new version of the Skype TX Control application a few weeks ago.

    Something I have noticed with the latest version is it is much easier to get 1080 video out of TalkShow back to your remote client and I'm told this new version also improves compatibility with the latest mobile Skype clients. This is a recommended upgrade for all users.
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    Hi Kane

    I'm working in engineering department of a french News Channel and we have 2 X VS4000 .
    Operators manage channels through Skype TX Control . Skype TX Control is running on independant PC .
    Since the last version of VS4000 (170901) and Channel 2.17.513.811 we have big problems on using Skype Platform .
    We use audio return to send to our correspondents the N-1 (mix minus ...) through SDI Embedded (not through XLR Input because each channel is used with different channel ... and different audio return )
    Since this last version , N-1 is received by the correspondents with several seconds of delay ( 5" to 10" of delay) so you understand than for us it is impossible to use LIVE .
    Do you have any information on this issue ? Is this a problem with the VS4000 and compatibility problem with the last version ? Microsoft problem ? Both ?
    This problems existed since few weeks ago . Have you heard about this problems with another user/clients ?
    I'am in contact with the french Newtek distributor (3DStorm) . They have difficulty to have information of Newtek Support/R&D and Microsoft ?
    Can you help us ?
    Thanks a lot


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