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Thread: Tricaster TC1 Outputs (4 only?)

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    Question Tricaster TC1 Outputs (4 only?)

    Hi there

    We have been looking at upgrading our Church video to HD, and have been looking at the TC1.

    One of the factors that came up as a issue, was the 4 video outputs only (Either via NDI or SDI or Both simultaneously). Is there any plan to increase these?

    Can this be achieved by a software update?


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    It might help to know the uses for all of the outputs that you need.

    The TC1 has four physical SDI outputs which are also available as NDI. Beyond that all SDI inputs and the two channels of Skype are also available as NDI outputs. Here is a list of everything available as outputs on TC1.
    - 4x SDI/NDI outputs
    - 4x Inputs via NDI
    - 2x Skype TX via NDI

    If you need more outputs, you probably should be looking at the IP Series system. It starts out with the same outputs you find on TC1 and it adds the following NDI outputs.
    - 15x Buffers via NDI
    - 4x DDRs via NDI
    - 8x NDI Matrix router

    This gives the IP Series system 37 channels of output. If you need to turn NDI video back into SDI, the Connect NC1 IO box can do this.
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    What about adding the NC1 Studio I/O to the TC1? I use it with the TC1 for the ability to have 12 SDI inputs but I believe the SDI's on it can be set to input or output although I have never tried this.
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    The NC1 IO will give you more outputs, but that was the reason for my first question, "What you are want to output?" Without this information, it is not possible to know if this will configuration will fit his needs. IP Series will give you more output flexibility in the base unit and you could even add the Studio Expansion module to give you more output capabilities.
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    If you're just looking for more SDI outputs, DA's are cheap and plentiful. Blackmagic has a 1x8 (4k capable) for $300. Take your program-out and now you can send it to 8 other places, and still have 3 more SDI ports on the back of the TC1 to play with. Or you could get an AJA Kumo 16x16 router. The Kumo's can also be controlled via the Tricaster so you've really got a ton of options when you hook one of them up to your system. We use the bejeezus out of our Kumo, and they're very solid units.

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