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Thread: YouTube Live as a source

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    Question YouTube Live as a source

    Hi all! I could not find a post about this, although I wasn't thorough in my search. But I want to expand my Live-opportunities a little bit. We have a LiveU, which is nice, but expensive. But today. Streaming to youtube via software such as wirecast with a SDI to Thunderbolt adapter is cheap and easy.

    So my question is: Can I exploit YouTube's live function and get the stream as a source into my TriCaster?

    Alternatively: I used RTMP in some occasions before, but after upgrade to Advanced, there is no "NET"-support anymore... Does anyone know a way around this?

    Running on TC8000 (Advanced Edition).

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    Check this thread:

    A PC running streamlink would work with YouTube Live as a source, played through to VLC set to use the NDI output plugin
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    Worst case scenario could be to use NDI Scan Convertor on the playback computer to grab the YouTube web page and send it into your TriCaster (you can set it to full screen in YouTube).

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    Using VLC with the NDI plugin is a great way to do this. We use it for this v. purpose or when someone hands us a file on media to play out. Just works great for our needs.
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    I think I'm doing what you want. Use the Stream ->New Connection -> Custom and set up an RTMP session using the credentials from your YouTube page. Latency usually under two seconds without additional hardware.

    I wish NewTek offered some higher bandwidth choices, but the quality is surprisingly good.

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