Hi together,

now it's finally done. The nuArchitect Bundle is ready.

At first a big thank you to Markus from 3dworks for doing some MAC tests in the early time of nuArchitect Bundle. Because of a test via mail is not the fastest option, I have looked for a MAC. And I found a 2nd Hand one at low cost. So I was able to do the final tests for MAC's.

I decided to release this bundle as Donationware. This means, you can use the software for free, but if you enjoy it, please donate via PayPal to [email protected]. This will enhance the chance for updates and new scripts.

The bundle is packed in 3 zip files. In the file "nuArBunHelp.zip" you will find a file called "Install.html". Open this file in your browser and follow the instructions to install the bundle.

I would be happy to get some responce to this bundle.


Because of upload Problems, the Images for the helpsystem are splitted in 4 files. You have to copy the files from the splitted files into the "img" Folder of your "Help" Folder. the files "nuArBunHelpImg1", "nuArBunHelpImg2", "nuArBunHelpImg3" and "nuArBunHelpImg4" should be handled as if they where in "nuArBunHelp".
I hope this does not lead to complications.