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Thread: TC40 and a Wireless Camera

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    TC40 and a Wireless Camera

    Students piched this idea to me and I'm checking to see if I can make it happen:

    Their goal is to broadcast a live (probably volleyball game) from our gym. We've worked everything out with the livestream(thecube), but I need help with connecting a camera to the tricaster.

    We cannot have the camera wired directly in (as we do with everything else), due to the set up and where everything has to be in the gym.

    So I've been looking into sending a wireless HD signal from the camera to the Tricaster.

    nay tips, help, what to buy would be much appreciated.

    Tricaster 40
    Camera is a Panasonic AG-AC90AP ....Has an HDMI,usb 2.0 and AV multi export

    From what I can tell I'd need an HDMI wireless transmitter ----->HDMI to Component ---(if needed)---->Component to 3 male BNC

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    Transmitting HD signals wireless can be tricky and get kind of expensive. You will see a wide range of products that will claim it can do what you need. Be cautious about the majority of them.

    Broadcasting wireless has a couple flaws. First one is latency. Any cheaper model wireless transmitted normally has a pretty bad latency. If you are using multiple cameras it is really hard to match them at that point. Especially with a TC40 that does not have some of the newer features like audio and video delay.

    The next thing to worry about is frequency. You may have to coordinate with other things running near you. I did a high school showcase this weekend and one of our wireless cams went from working great to cutting out in a split second. Turns out one of the school's was using the same wireless frequency for their huddle cameras. We had to change ours and carry on.

    Last potential issue is line of site distance. Many say 1000ft of 500ft or whatever. Just from experience, I would go with half of whatever they claim the max is. Especially when a gym fills up and you get a mix of all kind of signals going through there.

    All that being said, companies like Teradek make several models that do wireless transmission. These boxes are pricey but they work pretty good in the right environment. Get one that has a fair return policy or see if you have a local dealer in your area that can bring one out to test.

    As a alternate solution, you may consider just doing a long cable run with a video balun. Since your TC40 takes an analog HD signal you can spend around $100-$200 and buy a 1000ft spool of Cat5/6 and run it once and be done with it. This would be cheaper and likely more reliable than the wireless. You could also send comm audio down the line and have the camera man receive that.

    If you get sticker shock on buying a really nice HD wireless transmitter you may just consider upgrading your Tricaster to a model that supports NDI. At that point you can send your cameras through network connections. Usually an ideal situation for school gyms. This would really be my suggestion if you plan to expand streaming in the future. Just upgrading to a MINI alone would give you so many more options like multiple replay angels, up to 8 camera, Macros, 2 DDRS, frame buffers etc.......
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