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Thread: Modeling in VR is the future guys

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    Fully agree, Richard. The virtual experience must be at least as comfortable as the real one or else it needs serious value added in other areas to overcome that liability. In gaming folks might be willing to adopt a position or series of actions that reward them with a fun time, but when you're using it "for realz" the interface has to be a step up from the norm. There's a metric tonne of research in these areas going on in the DoD but I don't know how much of it is classified. On the general level I can say that being comfortably seated in an ergonomic position and having full finger articulation with haptic feedback are considered very important.
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    Wow! Super Cool!!! Suddenly I realize how OLD I actually am. :+)

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    In regards to modeling at a small scale, It is doable, but current HMDs are not well suited for this. The optics, the screens and the tracking are designed for larger scale interactions. Kodon has a inetesting trick to allow for better close up tracking, you sculpt with the base of the controller, instead of the front, you hold them backwards, it's odd at first, but it works. You can't really model a house at scale, but there are some things you can. The first thing I did when I got TiltBrush was to make a 3d painting of my favorite motorcycle, got on my knees to make the hubs and detail the wheels, suspension etc. After about 30 minutes I was done and I was amazed at how true to scale everything turned out. I placed myself as if I was sitting on it and I can't really express what I felt at that moment.

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    In the Modo Siggraph presentation on the page, the VR stuff is somewhere around the 11-12 min mark.

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    One also has to consider that new track-able objects are in the works beyond what is standard with systems like the Oculus or the Vive.

    I have a Vive and it is great. However, I am very much more excited at the 3rd party peripherals in development and also for gen 2 when things get lighter, smaller and even better.

    Yes, messing around with Tilt Brush was very fun. working at scale is very cool. Things are going to get even cooler. :-)


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