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Thread: Auto hotkey problems

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    Auto hotkey problems


    Anyone out there noticed any recent problems? The key combo I used to use for layout view Y movement alt-RMB (AHK'd to alt-shift-RMB) no longer seems to be working and I can't figure out for the life of me what's going on. This is the excerpt:

    #IfWinActive Layout ahk_Class WMgrBasic
        !MButton::              ;When user presses Alt+MMB,
        Send +!{LButton Down}   ;Send 'Ctrl+Alt+LMB pressed'
        KeyWait MButton         ;Wait until MMB is released
        Send +!{LButton Up}     ;Then send 'Ctrl+Alt+LMB released'
        Send +!{RButton Down} 
        KeyWait RButton
        Send +!{RButton Up} 
    The middle mouse button works as expected, but the RMB seems to have gone...
    If I actually press alt-shift-RMB, the view slides up and down as expected. It just seems like the intercepting seems to be broken.

    Anyone else experience this?

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    as far as i know AHK can be quite "dependent"

    sometimes the code only works under certain circumstances.
    i'd ask over at the AHK forum, unless someone here knows.
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