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Thread: Upgrade failure

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    Upgrade failure

    I attempteI just downloaded the most recent upgrade of Advanced Edition for my TriCaster Mini HD-4.

    When attempting to install, I received the following error message:

    Setup requires at least 857,992 KB of free space to install, but the selected drive only has 665,016 KB available.

    Do you want to continue anyway?

    How should I proceed?

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    What do you have on your C: drive that is taking up all of the space? You shouldn't be using it to hold media or for recording. Looing at my Mini, there is about 60GB of free space, so you have about 59GB on stuff on the drive that shouldn't be there.
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    The Mini should have plenty of drive space on the C drive. Restore the system to factory default build and then upgrade. That will ensure your C drive is back to factory settings and you will have the needed drive space for the upgrade. Just remember to copy any files or content from the c drive to another drive or create a user restore backup image of the drive so that if you realize you do need something from your current build you have not lost the contents.
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