I have been using a 460 Standard Edition for 4 years. I don't use macros to speak of. I use the Livestream plug-in to stream. Don't use buffers. Use M/E for simple overlay elements like when we go to replay, a replay bug appears on screen during a replay. Don't send audio anywhere but with the stream, or recorded to the HD. If using NDI only have one source to deal with. In the future I can see having more than 4 cameras as sources, but that's in the future, not this coming year (and perhaps not the year after that.) Do not at the moment stream to multiple sources.

Only one of the features of Advanced Edition appeal immediately: auto color.

The main thing I wanted to improve on this coming year was replay. That is why we bought the 3Play 440 so the added replay functions in Advanced Edition seem mute.

So, is there a compelling reason for me to upgrade to Advanced Edition that I am not thinking of? I've looked at all of the added features and additions with AE, and it's like reading a foreign language.

Any advice is appreciated.