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Thread: Tricaster 460 (adv) update problems?

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    Tricaster 460 (adv) update problems?

    Hi Guys,

    When we decided to update our tricaster (to hopefully fix some of the bugs), we ran into some problems. First off, it wouldn't install the content. Now, I decided to install the content after the update and that seemed to work. However, now my VS editor will not open anymore (will say it is an outdated version, while I did install the latest).

    The second and biggest issue is with our camera in our virtual studio. When looking at the direct input footage (camera 1 on input 1) there is no problem. But placing input one (with key) in our VS, the image gets all low quality and pixelated. When zooming in it looks terrible even though the studio itself still looks great.

    Any ideas?


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    Have you tried adjusting the 'smoothing' on your key?

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    Is this only in a virtual set that you've created or a stock one? It almost looks like maybe the "magic image" was scaled down a bunch and no longer has enough resolution at the zoom level you are at.

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    I think I've had a similar issue a few years ago and I remember it had something to do with the Photoshop file you use to import into VSE. If you make sure in the settings it is 16 Bits/Channel I seem to remember that helping. Also, as Kris said, keeping the VSE UV Gradient or "magic rainbow" as I call it at full scale in the PSD and then doing any scaling inside VSE or the TriCaster interface itself, this might also help.
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    You might have to redo the .psd file in VSE, but first make sure that it is 16bit. I'd also suggest bringing in a fresh copy of the 'Magic Rainbow' for Input A. I've had issues like that when learning about making sets when any of the 'Magic Rainbow' layers were in anyway distorted and the photoshop file was 8bit. Take a look at those things.
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