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Thread: First AMD Threadripper Cinebench R15 results published - Intel Crushed!

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    well it was only a problem with the first batch, all the I9s now are soldered and already heat tested by in several bench marks, and they are on par with the old i7s, worth noting again, the intels will run up to 95deg and the Ryzens only run to 65, also I enquired at Scan and they still wont sell overclocked Threadrippers because of problems with ram and heat, they will also overclock all the i9 range available at the moment in motherboard bundles.
    and an interesting note on scans Bundles (basically you get motherboard, ram, cpu and cooler fitted together and tested) is that even though the AMD processors are cheaper, once put in a bundle the intel equivalent works out cheaper because the AMDs have bigger sockets, bigger coolers and more expensive equivalent motherboards and the ram has a premium (at least in the uk)
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    Very happy with my Threadripper. 8257 on kraybench @ 4Ghz. I ran cinebench also but I don't remember what I got but you can look up that number on various websites anyway. As far as cooling the beast, there is only one AIO I can recommend if you are buying a threadripper at the moment and that is the Enermax TR4 240 or TR4 360 (the one I am using). All the other AIO coolers that fit in the included adapter don't completely cover the IHS of the chip nor do they completely cover the cores on the die under the IHS according to the diagrams I have seen. So IMHO those AIOs are only adequate to use but I wouldn't OC my chip to 4Ghz with them. So I can understand why that company rustythe1 mentions won't sell overclocked threadrippers. The Enermax TR4 AIO were also sold out in less than 10 minutes when places like newegg got them in stock. I still haven't installed LW on my new system, but the system isn't final at the moment. I still have a temp 7200 RPM HDD with windows and linux in there to do testing with before I install the OS over to the NVMe drive so maybe next weekend.

    Regardless of Intel or AMD you are so screwed with DDR4 ram at this point in time. It is just too expensive these days. I had sticker shock when I bought mine. Seriously it was $717 for 64GB (4x16GB) which was $430 exactly a year ago from the day I bought it at the same store. That's only $282 short of another 1950x which is nuts really.

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    An update: Have my rig running now and here is a render of the BenchmarkMarbles file that comes with the 2015 content directory. It took 32m 50s (1970.1s) to render it at the default settings. My threadripper is overclocked at 4.0 Ghz and is stable, temp wise I never exceeded 73c. The overclocked Threadripper runs cooler than my overclocked i7-3770k.

    Just to try things out I also ran the BenchmarkMarbles when I was running at 3.8Ghz and that render time was about 1m 23s more, but temp wise it was about 5c cooler for the max.

    This is with an ambient temp of around 26c-27c

    Also did the Blender Gooseberry benchmark and got a time of 22:10.19.

    AMD definitely made a great chip here.
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    That's impressive! I think you have the fastest time for this benchmark.
    Can you post your results on the benchmark marbles thread to avoid clutter?

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    LW optimised for AMD TR?

    Is Lightwave optimised for TR?

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    LightWave is not coded to specifically take advantage of what the Threadripper offers, it's just a good cpu

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    also see >

    intel vs AMD - Benchmark 2019
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