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Thread: LightWave 3D character modeling tutorials

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    LightWave 3D character modeling tutorials

    Hey guys it's been some time since I've done any character modeling, in fact Larry Schultz's character modeling tutorials was the last ones I've done. Looking for something a little more updated and current with what LightWave 3D has to offer. Can you think of any good tutorials out there that I can purchase or that are available for free create to 3D characters? Thank you in advance for all the help.
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    Hi Dale, I am not a 3D character expert but I'm assuming you also want to animate the characters so and I would say to an extent it depends on which version of Lightwave you have because the tutorials/methods are not all cross-compatible, especially when you factor in plugins, etc. Bearing that in mind, here are some very rough pointers:-

    LightWave Tutorial - Joan of Arc
    Jonny Gorden books Vol One and Two on Amazon.
    Timothy Albee link1 link2
    William Vaughan book
    A book like Essential Lightwave V9 is good all rounder with character modelling and animation sections.
    Two current LW total CA experts are Ryan Roye link1 link2 and RebelHill.
    There is other decent stuff, but out-of-print and drifts in and out of stock.

    Consider what version you have and what extras you might need, but it is a very rough idea. Good luck.

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    I'm using the Joan of Arc tutorial and it's really helpful. However, the artist uses triangles here and there. The same artist has another tutorial, which focuses on a male character:

    Also, simply LW has a Jack skellington tutorial. I own it, but haven't used it. It should be good for cartoon based models:

    And of course you can't go wrong w/ James Taylor. They are Maya focused and helped me tremendously at University. He uses cylinders instead of boxes if you want to change it up. You could easily follow this using LW despite it being Maya based. l:


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