I wrote a Python script that loads the image maps for diffuse, spec, transparency and bump for each surface on geometry. It reads the object name and sets up the right image in the Surface Editor based on finding the file name in a specific directory.

Smoothing in the Surface Editor:
Does anyone know how to toggle on Smoothing in Surface Editor? Is that done somewhere in the LWSurfaceFuncs()?

Setting Normal Map Image for a Surface:
Also, any tips on setting up a normal map for a surface? I'm setting diffuse, spec, transparency and bump with the LWSurfaceFuncs().setTex(LWSurfaceID, tag, LWTextureID). I'm passing in the char tag such as SURF_COLR for the diffuse. I see in the LWSURF.H file they have defined a SURF_NORM tag. Can that somehow be used to set the Normal map image or does need to be done with the Normal Map in Nodes?

Any hint's in the general direction would be helpful