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Thread: C++ dll OK to delete ?

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    C++ dll OK to delete ?

    I bought a used TC40 and get a message about Microsoft_VC90_crt_x86 being possibly harmful.
    Got something to do with C++ mayb e leftover from the previous owner???
    And to restore TC or ignore. I've so far ignored. Is this OK to leave on there?
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    Since you got the TC40 used and don't know the history, just for the sake of maximizing performance and reliability, I would do two things:

    • Install latest software

    Restore takes about 10 minutes, and about the same to install latest software update (after it is downloaded). Best 20 minutes you could spend.

    Do you know if the TC40 is v2 or not? V2 is the newer version, and v2 was also available as a paid software upgrade. In the TriCaster live UI, press Alt-B and it should tell you on screen the current software version that is installed.

    Update software can be downloaded here -

    For TC40 (old) you would use: 140516
    For TC40 v2: 150624

    I always like to download the software by itself (not as an install, but just a download). Often use a separate PC. I will download all files BEFORE doing the Restore, then right after Restore, install the update right away, then you are done.

    Tip: Do NOT store the update download on the C: drive since a Restore will ERASE that drive, keep files on D: drive or external.

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