Hi. I'm hoping that someone could help me with this issue. After upgrading (VS-100) the talkback-function isn't working as it should. Before the update everything was completely fine.
First of all, I'm using a headset with microphone, connected in the rear (red and green). I can't hear the call, no matter what input I choose. Well, at least not until I push the talkback-button - then I hear the skype-call. However I do hear myself talking as well (echo). It also seems like my voice is going on air (which I do not want) as I can pick it up in wirecast.
I have tried switching inputs but can't figure out what is wrong.
I would like to:
1: Hear the skype call in my headset
2: Talk to the caller through the microphone in the headset without hearing an echo of myself - and without it going on air.