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Thread: TC1: Monitoring of Master Channel 3/4 not possible

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    TC1: Monitoring of Master Channel 3/4 not possible

    Monitoring of Master Channel 3/4 via headphones by clicking solo seams not possible with TC1 - with other TC Standard Editions this was possible, because there was a additional fader for Master 2 Output. How can I hear just the sound of Master Channel 3/4? In TC Standard Editions it was possible to route audio signals to Master 1 and Master 2. So then in audio mixer one could choose solo for Master 1 or Master 2 to monitor the signal.

    Is it even possible with TC1 to monitor several audio outputs - solo for AUX1, AUX2, ...?

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    Hi Pascal,

    Change the routing in the Matrix. That's the only way I know. If you have an unused AUX channel, you could set that up to specifically monitor the channels in question from the other mix.

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    Interesting point. Jeff's solution is a good one, I think - I just wanted to mention that if this is something you need to do regularly, you could use macros to make the process more convenient.
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