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Thread: a new script was born

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    Hello, especially the MAC users,

    I am on the work to get the MAC Problems fixed. It's a bit working on a tightrope without a safety net. But Markus from 3dworks has offered to akt as tester. So I am looking Forward to get answer on my private message I have sent.

    I will describe the changes on Version 2 of nuArchitect:

    Every tab of nuArchitect will become a separate script. The reason why this is necessary is to build in a UV-mapping. There was not enough place to do this in a single requester.

    Every single script will get a MAC-detection during Startup so the MAC-things can be handled. I hope Markus from 3dworks will help to make the MAC things work.

    All Scripts will be able to handle UV-mapping (but with no high AI, so not all results may satisfy everybody).

    All UV-Maps can be saved as TGA (incl. Alpha channel) to give you a possibility to get Hand on the textures. I do not understand why this is not build in tinto Modeler, but thats something we must live with. So in the future you can save UV-Maps at last as TGA. The scriptbundle will include nuUV2TGA which will do this Job.

    So at the Moment I am deep in the works.

    So Long
    very cool, can't wait to see the update, thanks for sharing :-)

    3dworks visual computing
    demo reel on vimeo

    OSX 10.12.x, macpro 5.1, nvidia gtx 980 ti, LW2015.x / 2018.x, octane 3.x

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    thank you very much!

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